May 08, 2008 -- A Small Taste of Paradise
The morning after my first experience with CookandDate and I need to send this email to let you know how glad I was I went. The company was great and the food delicious! I will recommend this concept to all of my friends. I enjoyed learning some new recipes and meeting very interesting people in an atmosphere of a friendly dinner party with people in my age group. I don’t know about the rest of the people there but I want to thank Christina for starting this business. I look forward to seeing the web site get better and more interactive and will be checking regularly for the next outing. Thank you to the Chef’s for there patience and the wonderful food they made. See you soon! Thea


May 08, 2008 -- A Small Taste of Paradise
Just a couple of words to thank you, Kathy and your chefs Ali and John for a very pleasant evening yesterday. I like the concept and of course we get to eat some great food. I must say that you and your team worked very hard throughout the evening and I am still wondering how you girls do it on such high heels!!!!! I have still to get my head wrapped around the social/date aspect and to accept the fact that the participants gravitate towards their comfort zones/people. I know that everyone is a little apprehensive and it will probably take a few events like these to be at ease with conversation, behaviour and the extraneous environment. Thank you once again and keep up the great service that you provide to us, that need that little push!! Have a great weekend! Tony


May 08, 2008 -- A Small Taste of Paradise
HI Cristina, I just wanted to say Thank you for last night; the chef was great and very informative and the mix of people was very interesting . I look forward to the next one. Tonia


May 08, 2008 -- A Small Taste of Paradise
Hi Cristina, Thanks to you and your team (Cathy, Ali and John ), I had a wonderful evening, and the food was delicious (and the next day I felt very lucky to have such a yummy lunch !!!) Some of the people were very sweet and pleasant, I had a great time ! Looking forward to another event, Cheers, Teresa


Jun 10, 2008 -- Epicurean journey through Kenya!
Cristina, Thanks so much for last night. I had a great time and will certainly tell all my single friends :) I heard Aaron & Susanne speak about it on the radio this AM. I will definitely see u again, Lily


Jun 10, 2008 -- Epicurean journey through Kenya!
Hello Christina, just a little word to thank you AGAIN for this lovely evening!!!Nice ambiance,nice people,nice host,nice food and great place. Great concept..... i wish all the best in this project. Definitivly i will come back. Dont forget the suggestion...fireman and policeman with nurses...if it happen i want to be the first on the list!!!!!! So again.....THANKS!!!!!!!!! Fabiola


Jun 10, 2008 -- Epicurean journey through Kenya!
Hi Cristina. I just wanted to say thanks so much for a great evening. I had a really good time and would definitely recommend it to my friends. In fact, I have told them about it and gave them the site address and encouraged them to check it out. I had a very good experience and would do it again. Good idea and concept. Best regards..! Nancy


Jul 14, 2008 -- A Rustic Meal!
Cristina, Would like to thank you too, for what turned out to be a fabulous evening. I can't believe how much fun, and how un-intimidating it was (once I got past the walking in bit...) Why doesn't everyone do this?! It's such a great way to meet people. Nina


Sep 22, 2008 -- That's Amore
Merci pour la belle soirée que tu m'as faite passé hier. J'ai beaucoup aimé. Yannick xx


Jul 14, 2008 -- A Rustic Meal!
Hey Cristina! Things are going great with Nina and I, we practically live together already ;) I'm bringing her on vacation down south soon, and we're going to meet her family in England over the Christmas holidays! To think I was thisclose to not going. It turns out I didn't know I was looking for her. You'll be at the wedding for sure ;)


Aug 25, 2008 -- Drink & Date - Take 3
Hi Cristina, I wanted to thank YOU so much for such a great evening!! I hadn't had fun like that in a long time and the timing couldn't have been better. I feel like I made great friends and everyone was absolutely a pleasure to meet and be around with. Thank you so much for your wonderful smile and spirit, for putting all this effort to make people comfortable, happy and meet great people. Sina


Sep 30, 2008 -- The Serengeti Menu
Hi Cristina. Just wanted to say thank you. What a great night to have celebrated my birthday...had a blast. Beatrice was absolutely adorable. I feel really bad for breaking her cooking spoons that she got as a wedding gift...I swear the handles were loose. Not only was the food and class great but I felt so comfortable laughing and talking with the people around me. I don't have much of a love story that sparked this night but something better happened. I met a great friend this night and we have been inseparable ever since. We have become Laverne and And we are definitely coming back to more classes together and spreading the word. It's a great way to meet people especially when you get a certain age where clubbing is not your thing anymore and you tend to meet people with common interest. Let us know when Joe and Nick are coming back, there those guys were too funny. See you soon;) Nadia


Oct 16, 2008 -- A Poultry Extravaganza
Cristina, Thanks for the recipes. Last week was absolutely an amazing gastronomical experience !! I love the evenings at Cook & Date. It is really a nice atmosphere. I truly enjoyed the last 2 dinners which I attended. I hope one day to meet a soulmate (or food mate ...giggle... giggle .. !!). In the meantime, I do enjoy my evenings with your organization. Thanks so much... Sandra


Dec 09, 2008 -- Tapas Night - great for any Party!
Hey Christina, Had a lot of fun last night. Thanks Mike


Jan 14, 2009 -- Pairing Wine and Cheese
Hi Cristina, It was my first cookanddate event. I found it to be lots of fun & had a wonderful time. Thanks for putting on the event. Frances


Apr 23, 2009 -- Greek Mezethakia
Hi Cristina. I just wanted to mention what a great experience I had at the event, it was my first time and I would definitly recommend this to all my singles ladies!!!!I met great people and we had lots of laughs. I will pass the word on.... Loved it alot!!!!! Stefanie


May 21, 2009 -- Tastes of the Summer
Thank you Cristina , for a fantastic evening . I was a bit worried of coming all alone , knowing no one . But very soon I felt so comfortable that I did not even think about it anymore . I find people are very friendly and welcoming . We all come to enjoy a nice evening ,getting to know each other , learning good receipes , including i biscotti of Mike ( who I am sure he will never reveal their secret ) . thanks again . I will definitely participate in the next events . Dina


Jan 26, 2010 -- Tastes of Italy - TOSCANA Region
Bonjour Cristina, Je voulais tout simplement te dire que j’ai passé une très belle soirée. Le concept est génial, l’ambiance très conviviale et les gens très sympathiques. Je reviendrai avec des amis!!! Hélène


Mar 08, 2010 -- Tastes of Italy - MARCHE Region
Thank you for providing a nice and unpretensious environment, for a first timer I felt I was having dinner with a bunch of people that I had met before.Definitly will attend another event and recommend this type venue. Maria


Mar 08, 2010 -- Tastes of Italy - MARCHE Region
Hi Cristina, I just wanted to drop a little note to thank you for the event this past Monday. You and your chef worked very hard to make sure everyone enjoyed the evening! I really had a nice evening and it was better than I could have imagined. The food and company were great! I will definitely keep an eye out for your events! Richard


Mar 08, 2010 -- Tastes of Italy - MARCHE Region
Good Morning Cristina Once again I would like to thank you for organizing such an absolutely wonderful evening last night. I truly had a blast and look forward to more of these events! Mary


Apr 16, 2013 -- Pizza Night
Hi, Congratulation to you and your team for the nice evening. Thank you for setting up the event; I also had a great time. Again congratulations on your successful evening.


Jun 02, 2013 -- Spring Brunch
Cathy and Christina. I had a great time at the brunch / whole afternoon on Sunday. Excellent food, great venue and entertaining guests. Well done.


Jun 02, 2013 -- Spring Brunch
I did enjoy the event quite a bit, and want to thank you for hosting it... my initial nervousness melted quickly. I will most certainly continue to attend as long as I'm single, just let me know when and where, and I will recommend it to friends as well.


Oct 09, 2013 -- sapori di napoli::montreal
Dear Cristina, Thank you very much for this nice event. I really enjoyed :) well organized, well done. Good job, keep going, Regards, Nadia

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