Members Free

VIP members

• Access to site, and create a profile. • Attend an event (price varies per event) or pay in advance $100 (for a yr of VIP status) and redeem that amount against 1 event.
• Can search but can’t send out msg’s to any members. • Can send msg’s to everyone on the site, (personal msg’s to any VIP, generis to all other members) can peruse through others profiles and see uploaded profile pictures.
• Can see all available upcoming events. • VIP Member will also get all the recipes from all the classes for one yr!
• Dating columns, advice tips.(future). • Weekly cooking tips from chefs.
• Feature chef of the month…10 question and answers about the chef and restaurant (future). • Monthly drawings of gift certificates to various restaurants. (featured resto of the month) (future)
• Access to read only blog OR forum question or comment of the week (future). • Discounts to various supply stores (for those who want to start cooking(tell chefs to push certain appliances)) - partners
• Access to live updates from events via twitter. • Recipe of the week in association with a grocery store. (future)
• Once paid for a class has same access to members’ profiles as a paid member (good for a yr from the date of payment). • Will have something done on their birthday i.e. free dinner at xyz restaurant; get a free gift from one of our accessories sponsor (spatula, forks, spoons etc…) (future)
  • Access to blog – question or comment of the week…can write in your comments (future)