CookandDate events arenít set up to be cheesy, intimidating or plain awkward. Every event is attended by successful singles wanting to experience something new and exciting. Bars, restaurants, clubs can be fun but variety is the spice of life and our events were conceived to be fun, stress-free environment where laughs, cocktails, networking, and a little cooking take center stage.

Upon your arrival, our host Cristina will personally introduce you to other guests and hand you a cocktail or glass of wine. The private chef for the evening will help you break the ice with a fun culinary activity. Youíll then get to sit back and enjoy an exquisite meal together.

Donít want to cook? Just sit back, have a glass of wine and speak to whomever you please! No pressure Ė in fact you donít even have to worry about getting anyoneís phone number - we go the extra mile and help you all stay connected after the event.

In short, all you need to do is show up and enjoy the best of what this city is known to offer: great people, great food, great wine, and a true joie de vivre. This is the recipe that has made CookandDate a true success story for the past 8 years, week after week.

We should also mention CookandDate is also the only service of its kind that guarantees an even male to female ratio attending every event. Whatís astounding is that the number of people attending a singles event usually ranges from 6 to 8 people. Our groups double and even triple that number on a weekly basis!

Ladies, you wonít leave the event wondering where the men were.
Gentlemen, this means you wonít be the only guy in the room!